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Our services include drafting, concept, basic and detailed design, FEM and strength calculations. Our work is related to the offshore oil&gas and offshore wind industries.

Through our team in Islamabad we offer the following mechanical engineering services:

    Concept and basic design

    Lifting equipment - Heavy duty machines - Offshore related solutions

    We have a long track record of finding mechanical engineering solutions for offshore related industries. Whether you are in need of a conceptual or a basic design we look forward to have a look at some of your challenges and are confident we will find a great solution soon. We specifically have a lot of experience when it comes to lifting equipment, heavy duty machines and other offshore industry related solutions.

    Detail engineering

    Full design - 3D models - Production friendly 2D drawings

    Our engineers are ready to pick up any mechanical engineering challenge. With our knowledge on steel and other materials used in machine design combined with our knowledge on welding, machining and other production methods we will make your design into 3D models and production friendly 2D drawings. Our engineers are trained to work with Solid Edge, Solidworks or Autodesk Inventor.


    Finite element analysis (FEA) by means of Femap - Conventional calculations

    For making your calculations we use Femap (with NX Nastran) and Mathcad. In using Femap we are able to quickly find a solution for any type of finite element calculation.

    For presenting conventional calculations we mostly use Mathcad. Alternatively we can present your calculations in Microsoft Word and/or Excel.

    2D and 3D drafting

    Transition to new software package - Conversion from 2D to 3D - Detailed 2D drawings of 3D models

    We use Solid Edge, Solidworks and Autodesk Inventor for making 2D and 3D drawings and models.

    Making models and drawings is often time consuming work that is easy to outsource. Especially transitioning from one software package to a new CAD package or 2D to 3D conversions are a time consuming activity that can be done by anyone with a good knowledge of the software. With our team in Islamabad we offer very competitive rates for 2D to 3D conversions. These parametric 3D models are used to generate new 2D drawings that are fully linked with the 3D models. This results in a library of models and designs that are ready to be used in all future developments.

    Also producing detailed 2D drawings of 3D models are steps in the development process of your products that can easily be outsourced. This is especially true when our attractive rates are taken into account.

    3D animations

    Instruction videos - Website animations - 3D animations for sales purposes

    With Autodesk 3ds Max we are able to make any type of animation of your machine, equipment or process. Very powerful animation are made that help you sell your ideas and concepts. These animations are also the ideal way of making instruction videos. This way all functionality of the machine is presented in a way that people will easily understand simply because they have seen all the important features well before actually operating the machine or before they are involved in an (installation) process.

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