Pile Lifting Tools

Project Description

Goal: Optimize existing Pile Lifting Tool (PLT) design and make production drawings for Pile Lifting Tools for 9 different pile sizes. These tools are used for offshore pile handling.

Result: The design of the Pile Lifting Tools was optimized and all drawings and calculations were made. The resulting Pile Lifting Tools are optimize for offshore use and for manufacturing.
These tools are often used to lift piles and leave both the pile and the lifting tool submerged on the seabed until further action is taken at a later date. Therefore on one project a large number or Pile Lifting Tools is often needed. In order to reduce the costs these tools were made as simple as possible.
Design calculations were made according to DNV codes and standards. Full sets of drawings and calculations for Pile Lifting Tools were made for 9 different pile sizes.

Project Details

Client: IHC IQIP UK Ltd

Year: 8 October 2015