Parametric study Piling Frame

Project Description

Goal: Make an FEM analysis of a new piling frame and perform a parametric study on it. The piling frame will be used for installing foundations for offshore wind turbines. Optimize the piling frame design with respect to strength and stiffness. Optimize strength and stiffness for piling condition and for the situation in which the frame is lifted.

Result: A parametric study was done in Femap. The corners of the piling frame were modeled in Solid Edge. The lattices were modeled in Femap. The Femap model also included the seabed. The sea bed stiffness was made such that the resulting compression and rocking stiffness closely correspond with the actual stiffness of the seabed at the offshore location. A number of parameters were varied and improvements were made to guarantee the verticality of the piles.

Project Details

Client: IHC Sea Steel Ltd

Year: 2014