NMS Guiding Tool

Project Description

Goal: Design a guiding tool for the deployment of IHC Hydrohammer’s Noise Mitigation Screen (NMS). The NMS is used during the offshore installation of large diameter foundation piles for offshore wind turbines.

Result: The NMS Guiding Tool is designed to catch the NMS while the NMS is suspended from the crane and is moving considerably due to current and waves. After connecting the NMS to the NMS Guiding Tool the Guiding Tool brings the NMS to the intended foundation pile position. Then the NMS is lowered down to the seabed. The NMS Guiding Tool is used to bring the NMS to a vertical position. After lowering the foundation pile into the NMS the Guiding Tool is used to bring the pile into an exact vertical position and maintain the verticality during pile driving. It was first used during the installation of the Riffgrund Offshore Wind Farm in German territorial waters.

Project Details

Client: IHC Handling Systems vof

Year: 2013