Monopile Shaker

Project Description

Goal: Detailed engineering of a machine that is used for the determination of the natural frequency of monopiles. The natural frequencies are to be determined on piles driven into the seabed. The monopiles are used as foundations for wind turbines. The Monopile Shaker is used to validate existing models of soil mechanics.

Result: Bright Engineering made all drawings and calculations for the Monopile Shaker. The Monopile Shaker consists of the actual shaker bolted on top an adaption frame. By means of the adaption frame the forces from the Monopile Shaker are introduced at the top of the monopile. After building the Monopile Shaker was successfully used to test offshore monopiles.
The Monopile Shaker is capable of loading the monopile with variable loads in variable frequencies. These loads are generated by turning two wheels with eccentric weights in different speeds. The Monopile Shaker is provided with a system for easy exchange of the eccentric weights.
In order to determine the fatigue life of the Monopile Shaker a number of finite element calculations were made. These calculations were used to analyze the stress variations in critical details of the construction. For each critical detail the fatigue life was determined. This way the safe use of the Monopile Shaker during extensive tests on monopiles is guaranteed.

Project Details


Year: 2015