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Concept engineering / basic design

Are you in need of concept engineering or a basic design? Bright Engineering has a long track record finding solutions for offshore related industries. We look forward to have a look at some of your challenges and are confident we will find a great solution soon. We specifically have a lot of experience when it comes to lifting equipment, heavy duty machines and other offshore industry related solutions.

Concept engineering

In concept engineering it is vital to understand the needs of our client. Often there are multiple good solutions to a problem, but by really understanding the circumstances, processes, ergonomics, etc. we can narrow down the possible solutions. It also happens regularly that some of the requirements are contradicting. For this reason we closely work together with our client during the concept engineering phase. In the end one or two options are detailed to a level that the conceptual solution can be presented to other employees of the client or to the end user.

Basic design engineering

Many times concept engineering phase continues into basic design engineering. The chosen solution needs to be detailed enough to be able to give a reasonably accurate fabrication or sales price. The level of basic designs depends on the client’s requirements. In some cases basic design means finishing the 3D model of the machine to a level of detail that both we and our client are confident that there will be no surprises during detail engineering. It can also mean that all the design calculations are finished and only the 2D drafts are left to be done during detail engineering.


Whatever the level of concept or basic design engineering you need. We look forward to be part of the process. Several times each year our work leads to patents filed by our clients. This hardly ever is a goal in itself, but we see it as proof that we have a relevant contribution in finding the best solutions for our clients.

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