Engineering jobs Islamabad

Bright Engineering is a mechanical engineering company based in Delft, The Netherlands and Islamabad, Pakistan. We are highly experienced in the design of lifting equipment and other heavy duty hydraulic equipment for offshore oil&gas and offshore wind industries. We offer concept, basic and detailed engineering related to the design of lifting equipment and other kinds of heavy duty equipment. We also assist our clients in FEM analyses and conventional calculations for any kind of equipment and construction through our flexible and well trained work force in Islamabad.

Islamabad office

We have set up an office in Islamabad. This office is run by an experienced Dutch engineer to make sure that the quality of the work is according to European engineering standards.

By means of our Islamabad office we are able to offer very competitive engineering rates and a very quick response to any of your queries. The Islamabad office also fits our corporate social responsibility as we offer careers and training to Pakistani engineers supporting social and economic improvements at community level.

In Europe it is often hard to find suitable engineers with the right qualifications. In Pakistan it is the other way around. For qualified Pakistani engineers it is often hard to find a suitable job in their own country. Therefore Bright Engineering is able to find very good engineers that can help our European customers fill the gaps in their engineering work force. We have well trained engineers ready to work on any of your projects.

Problem solving partners

Whether it is a very complicated calculation, a concept or full design of a piece of equipment or any other heavy duty engineering related requirement? Bright Engineering is the best partner to deliver engineering solutions to any of your problems.

We have a great track record of being a problem solving partner to our customers. Often we have been able to shine new light on an old issue and come up with a simple and effective solution that perfectly fits the situation at hand. We look forward to being your partner too.