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About us

Bright Engineering is a mechanical engineering company offering engineering consultancy work from Pakistan serving you to Dutch engineering standards.

Are you in need of quick and low cost CAD design for your heavy duty engineering? Bright Engineering is the best partner to realize effective concept, basic and detailed engineering for the design of all kinds of heavy duty equipment. We have a lot of experience in offshore oil&gas and offshore wind industries.

Our team

Bright Engineering is a mechanical engineering company based in Delft, The Netherlands and Islamabad, Pakistan. Since our team consists of experienced design engineers we offer the best possible solutions to our international clients. The team is familiar with the special challenges of heavy duty engineering and will be a valuable addition to your design engineers.

Our vision

In Europe it is often hard to find suitable engineers with the right qualifications. In Pakistan it is the other way around. Every year a large number of Pakistani mechanical engineers graduates from universities. But only a small percentage of these qualified Pakistani engineers can find a suitable job in their own country.

Part of our vision is to offer career opportunities and to train some of the new graduates - in a country that is vibrant and full of potential.

That's why we have set up an office in Islamabad to be able to find very good engineers that can help our European customers to fill the gaps in their engineering work force. On the other hand we support social and economic improvements at the community level here in Pakistan.

Having a team of high skilled engineers in Pakistan is part of our corporate social responsibility. 

Our fields of expertise

Bright Engineering has two main fields of expertise from which our combined know-how and solutions are created: offshore oil&gas and offshore wind industries. We are highly experienced in concept and detailed engineering of: offshore lifting equipment, offshore and shipboard cranes, heavy duty hydraulic machines, dredging equipment etc.

Our solution

  • Rapid development and design.
  • European standard of quality.
  • Powerful simulation tools.
  • Readily available and experienced design team.
  • Deep knowledge of lifting equipment and heavy duty engineering.

Your benefits

  • Competitive engineering rates due to design team in Pakistan.
  • Integrated design in an early design stage.
  • A very quick response to any of your queries.
  • Direct communication with Dutch team leader in Islamabad.
  • Gain synergy effects of entire product portfolio at Bright Engineering.

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